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Facebook Invests $1 Billion in Creator Fund

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced in a social media post that the company plans to invest more than $1 billion through 2022 to incentivise creators to post on both Facebook and Instagram.

With this announcement, the social networking giant joined its peers who have also committed massive sums to invest directly in the individuals driving engagement on their platforms. The billion-dollar investment reflects the bar set by rivalling platforms Snapchat, YouTube, and most recently, TikTok.

The idea is to rewards creators, particularly those who are just starting out. The system will introduce a new bonus program that will pay eligible creators for hitting defined milestones when they use Facebook's tools and provide seed funding for said creator to produce their own content.

Here are the key takeaways from the Facebook monetisation fund:

  • Creators can get paid for posting Reels. Instagram plans to introduce a new program called "Reels Sumer bonus" for a select group of creators. These creators will be able to earn money based on the performance of the Reels they post.

  • Instagram creators will be paid for signing up for IGTV. Instagram will invite a select group of creators to earn a one-time bonus for signing up for IGTV ads (the platforms' only ad share program)

  • Bonuses on Instagram Live will be expanded to more countries. The platform will invite creators from 11 additional countries to earn Bonuses on their Badges. So far, the program is offering individual creators roughly $500 for meeting three milestones

  • More Facebook monetisation options. Select creators who use in-stream ads and post videos will be able to earn bonuses on the platform.

As you might be able to tell, the recent updates to Instagram and Facebook's monetisation tools are all video-orientated. Continuing the platforms' shift away from photos and towards videos.

Only time will tell how these changes will play out, but it's an exciting process to see.

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