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Social Development | Online | Syria


As a group, identify and frame a problem for a specific group of people and produce a socially conscious solution. 

Situational Context:

Women, age between 18-35, displaced in Syria are in poverty and facing gender-based violence because they are unemployed due to poor education, inequality, family obligations and limited mobilities


To create a virtual incubator specifically catered to Syrian women that will give them the business knowledge and executional capacity needed to start a business they can run from home. The incubator first takes the women through an online course to teach them the fundamentals of business, accounting, marketing, and taxation.


Next, it guides them through the process of ideation through to business development to ensure that their businesses are investor-ready.


I gained experience working collaboratively with a cross-functional and multicultural team through an intensive design project for an extended period of time. This experience helped strengthen my interpersonal skills and cultural awareness. 

Additionally, the experience improved my design thinking and critical thinking skills.

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