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Luxury | Events | United Kingdom


Develop an innovative way to advertise one of the most exclusive French luxury perfume lines into the UK market.


To adequate come up with an effective advertising campaign, the process was broken down into key steps:

  1. Identify and research the target audience

  2. Establish objectives of the advertising campaign

  3. Construct a clear message that will resonate with the target audience

  4. Choose an appropriate medium to spread the message

  5. Evaluate the process.

After conducting research, I gained perspective into the top reasons why high end customers buy luxury products that helped inform the advertising campaign. The following are the top reasons identified:

  • Luxury products are premium quality

  • The items made the clients feel happy and confident

  • The items are usually made lovely by hand

  • The client wanted to be own the latest trend

  • The client wants to own somethings others do not know about (exclusivity)

Armed with this knowledge, I decided that that the best way to showcase the luxury perfume would be to host an art exhibition with a strict guest list, to maintain the exclusivity and status of the brand. Once there, the brand DNA and history would be illustrated to the audience in a beautiful and artistic way.


The highlight of the night would be that the smell of the luxury fragrance would be spread throughout the venue through diffusers. This is deliberate because smell is the most powerful of all sense, as it is connected to the limbic system in the brain, that houses emotions and feeling. This means that smells are more quickly associated with memories than visual or auditory cues. So by using pleasant smells, the brand will more deeply connect to clients on an emotional level and this would lead to increased sales for the brand. 


By the end of the project I gained a better understanding of the fundamentals of luxury marketing and will be able to use this knowledge going forward. 

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