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Create an innovative solution for a specific group of people that is underrepresented.


Situational Context:

After a set f surveys and interviews, it was discovered that young Malawian musicians are in need of artist development in order for them to have sustainable careers in the new digital world.


The solution identified was an incubator program targeted at young artists that would give them the business and technical skills needed to succeed, aided by mentorship from industry veterans to guide them through the artist development process. 

The final project site can be found here:

This was the process to reach the conclusion:

1. Brief

  • At this stage, I analysed the brief to internalise the objectives and parameters of the project.

2. Research:

  • Researching on topic and identifying user pain points. In this case, I looked into the Malawian music industry, interviewed a few aspiring musicians and sent out a user survey. This gave me a clear picture of the user needs and pain points.

  • Researching design frameworks to work from. For this project I chose the Double Diamond framework because it is easy to follow and is iterative in nature, meaning that weak design ideas will be identified and dropped early, whilst strong ideas will be continually built up on.

  • From the data collected, the problem was framed and the problem statement was produced.

3. Ideate

  • Brainstorming new ideas and strategies to solve the problem

  • Incubating ideas so they mature subconsciously

  • Going back to research to ensure the ideas actual address the problem identified. 

4. Testing

  • Wire-framing

  • Creating mock-ups

  • Setting design requirements

5. Judge 

  • SWOT Analysis of ideas to see their feasibility

  • Matching proposed ideas to design brief

  • Choosing the best solution and moving forward with it

6. Making 

  • Creating website

  • Writing up report

  • Reflecting on design process



As a result of thoroughly going through the design process, I would say my design think in user experience design skills improved exponentially. 

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