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5 Real Life Superpowers to Succeed in Marketing

What if I told you that superpowers are real? What if I told you that living among us exists a breed of humans who possess superhuman abilities that help them excel in both business and life?

Disclaimer: This article won't teach you how to fly or stop bullets with your mind, but will look into traits and skills that give a successful brand an advantage in marketing. (Will definitely let you know if I figure out the flying thing though).

Here is a list of five real-life superpowers in marketing.

1. Precognition

This is the superhuman knowledge of future events, with an emphasis not on causing the event but on predicting the occurrence of it. Put simply, it is the ability to see into the future.

Every successful brand can see into the future to some degree. They can use data to spot opportunities, identify trends, learn from past mistakes, or see potential in new ideas and things that are not yet there. They can then use this knowledge to effectively shift their efforts in the right direction.

That's how every business, every technological breakthrough, and almost everything you see around you came to be.

"The only way to predict the future is to build it!". You want to be successful? Look into the future, see what's different, and come back to build it now.

2. Power Mimicry

This is the ability to quickly learn or copy powers from others around oneself. Probably the most valuable superpower of them all is the ability to assimilate different superpowers. In real life, this translates to adaptive learning or learning how to learn.

Training and development is an essential part of a brand/corporation because it helps align the employees' goals and performance with those of the organisation. This can normally lead to increased employee productivity and morale, and financial benefits for the brand.

Brands that can develop a framework that allows them to absorb, understand, comprehend, and deploy knowledge; they become "unstoppable".

Remaining sharp and constantly learning keeps a brand ahead of the curve and allows the brand to remain competitive.

3. Invulnerability

This is the ability to be impervious to harm without extreme measures. This is probably one of the most vital powers to superheroes and brands alike.

Resilience is a company’s capacity to absorb stress, recover critical functionality, and thrive in altered circumstances. Brands need to be able to adapt, change direction, take knocks and setbacks, and be able to come back stronger than before.

This is becoming increasingly more crucial as the business environment is becoming more dynamic and unpredictable. This comes as a result of several factors that have been continually stressing and stretching business systems- such as rapidly advancing technological developments and the greater interconnectivity of the global economy.

There is no greater example of this than the pandemic that has launched us into these unprecedented times. Thus, it is more important than ever for brands to build this superpower as they'll need it to survive in the times to come.

4. Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting is normally referred to as one's ability to change their appearance to fulfil a specified need. The ability is quite overpowered and handy to get into and out of tricky situations.

As previously stated, we live in a world of risk and instability. New technological developments, globalisation, and greater transparency have combined to give many brands a run for their money.

The ability to be adaptable in business is arguably the most important superpower and a big determinant of whether a person or business is going to make it or not.

Brands need to be able to quickly read the signals of the changing environment and avoid slow-moving decision hierarchies to make timely changes.

5. Technology Manipulation

This is probably the easiest to define and understand. It is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used to accomplish specific outcomes using technological constructs (computers, robots, hardware).

For the first time in human history, brands can actually be in more places than one, do the work of 10 or 20 people at the same time, create content that can theoretically live forever, or write code that automates your most mundane tasks (we all have that one!). Brands can also use technology to talk to people from all corners of the globe.

Whilst living in this technological miracle age, those brands that can effectively leverage technology have the whole world to explore! Walk through that door, embrace that technology and see what happens.


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